European Biotech Funding

Crunchbase Pro (which btw costs $500+ upfront) outputs ~2700 results for Europe-based VCs which have ever invested in at least one (vaguely-defined) biotech, and ~340 results with “biotechnology” in descriptions, both of which still have lots of generalist funds and less relevant cases. The current database is meant to serve as a highly curated source of focused investors which have both relevant expertise and network to serve as truly smart money for European biotechnology startups.

The primary criterion for becoming part of the database is minimum 1/4 of portfolio in biotech – yes, it’s an arbitrary number, and one that might change over time. In any case, it is meant to delimit a cohort of investors which are either fully committed to the sector, or at least include a significant biotech practice.

For backlog and other meta data, please see this page. All comments, suggestions, and ideas are very welcome – do drop us a line!