Biocatalyst Incubator

Helping individuals and teams with ideas become viable biotech startups
Commercial readiness
From technology, research, or an idea to paying customers and profitability
  • Iterative validation: product-market fit
  • Financial planning: accounting, projections
  • Supply chain: sourcing, logistics, distribution
Financing and scaling
Helping to connect with smart money and align stakeholder incentives
  • Pitch: communicate effectively with investors
  • Public funding: help with grant applicaitons
  • Venture capital: negotiations, due diligence
Team development
Finding, motivating, and retaining diverse talent for your startup
  • Competence: recruiting the right people
  • Conflict resolution: ad-hoc mediation
  • Employment: contracts, shares, options
Networking, intros
Local and international connections with relevant stakeholders and clients
  • Industry: potential customers and partners
  • Academia: infrastructure and capability gaps
  • Enablers: accelerators, hubs, and nonprofits
Building an authoritative brand to convert visibility into revenue
  • Branding: developing a recognizable image
  • Marketing: digital promotion and events
  • PR: press coverage, public image, and policy
Administrative + legal
State and corporate bureaucracies should work for you, not vice versa
  • Company formation: structure, registration
  • Banking: accounts, payments, business loans
  • Intellectual property: patens, tech transfer